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Mill Pond Alpacas is excited to consult with you to help you set up your alpaca farm, or improve the ease and efficiency of your current farm. We are available for a consult regarding solidifying your goals as an alpaca owner, estimating start-up costs, acquiring permitting (for residents of Rensselaer County), cultivating your herd, general vetting, and husbandry, insuring your farm and animals, marketing, AOA membership, transferring alpaca registration, and creating a safe and functional home for your herd! Please do not hesitate to reach out to Mill Pond Alpacas at any time! Farm visits are available year-round, by appointment only.


Alpacas require at minimum a three-sided structure to protect them from the elements. A sturdy woven wire fence surrounding their paddocks and pasture should be at a minimum of five feet or taller. An electric fence will not work on this heavily fleeced animal. Alpacas do not generally test a fence like a horse or a cow will, and will not climb like a goat. Fencing is primarily to protect the animals from predators, and to keep them secure from wandering. Alpacas need access to freshwater, quality free-choice hay, a well maintained, lush pasture for grazing and exercise, and shade and fans in the hot summer months.

All customers receive a detailed list of helpful products to make your farm safe and efficient. Customers also receive contact information for local vet services, shearers, and resources for maintaining your herd's health.